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Definition of Marketing According to the Experts

Definition of Marketing According to the experts - Marketing is a comprehensive concept that involves various marketing activities are included in the marketing system. Marketing is one of the main activities undertaken by entrepreneurs in their efforts to maintain their life, to berekembang and profit. |
Definition of Marketing Management Concept

Concept Marketing Management - Marketing is a process that aims to satisfy the needs and desires of consumers. Marketing has been seen as an important element in establishing and building companies. With a business environment that is increasingly competitive and changing market nature of the sales market into a buyers market or market power in the hands of consumers. So that the activities of the company to adjust the orientation of the orientation of production to consumers.

Marketing is not limited to the business world, because in fact every relationship between individuals and between organizations that involve the exchange process is the marketing activities.

Lots of marketing definitions put forward by experts, although different but basically have the same meaning. The difference is due to differences in viewpoint only. To clarify the concept of marketing, then here are a few opinions of experts.

1 Philip Kotler
"Marketing is a social and managerial process by which a person or group to obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value. (Kotler, 1986: 5) "

2. William J. Staton
"Marketing is a whole system of business activities aimed at planning, pricing, promoting and distributing goods and services that satisfy the needs of both the buyers existing and potential buyers." (Stanton, 1986: 7)

From the definitions above can be deduced that the marketing have the following meanings:
Marketing is a process that is carried out individually or in groups.
The process of exchange of flows of goods and services from producers to consumers.
The existence of human wants and needs that must be satisfied by other human activities that produce the means of gratification in the form of goods and services.
Marketing is an integrated activity dynamically, in the sense that marketing is the result of a wide variety of activities.

Select and implement marketing activities that can assist in achieving corporate objectives and adapt to the environment is the goal of a marketing manager. Marketing management have processes to influence the level, range time and the composition of demand in a way to help the company achieve its goals.

Understanding Marketing Management Expert according Severe - Philip Kotler as follows:
"Marketing management is the analysis, planning, implementation and supervision of the program which has been designed to create, build and maintain exchanges and profitable relationship with the target market with a view to achieving the objectives of the organization. (Kotler, 1986; 20) "

From these definitions it can be seen that the marketing management function includes process involving analysis, planning, implementation and supervision of the activities undertaken by the company. The activity aims to generate a desired exchange, either to address the needs psychological, social and culture that can be adapted to consumer attitudes and behavior.

For a company to get its survival to flourish and gain a marketing advantage to be one of the most important activities. The company focuses its efforts to achieve success in the long term. The philosophy is the concept of marketing.

All the company's activities should be devoted to find out what the consumer activity and then satisfying those desires.

In marketing concepts taught that the marketing activities of a company should begin with efforts to recognize and formulate the wishes and needs of consumers. Then companies adjust their activities in order to satisfy the needs of consumers with an effective and efficient manner. The purpose of the effective and efficient here is in meeting the needs of consumers should be well targeted and timely, that is what customers want and whenever consumers want it.

According to the definition of the concept of marketing Philip Kotler:

"The marketing concept is a coordinated marketing effort that focuses on market and customer oriented with the aim of providing customer satisfaction as the key to achieving organizational goals. (Kotler, 1997, 17) "

From the above definition of the concept are four main components underlying the marketing concept, namely:

1. Market Focus
Companies must be able to limit and define the market that will make the target due to the fact there is no company that is capable of performing all of its activities in all markets to meet customer needs.

2. Orientation on customers
Customer-oriented company should not oriented company, this is to provide the best service to the consumer may give rise to a sense of loyalty towards customers.

3. Integrated Marketing
The company's activities must be coordinated well with other parts of the company to try to give satisfaction to the consumer.

4. profitability
Through the concept of marketing companies should try to build a good relationship with the consumer, so as to create mutual beneficial relationship. Companies are not required to be able to sell goods and services produced but rather to produce goods and services that can be sold.

So the concept of marketing companies exploring what is desired and needed by consumers and then develop products that will satisfy the desires of consumers and makes a profit, but with the development of technology and society has led to the development of marketing concepts as well.

Now the company is required to be able to respond to pressures from outside, customer dissatisfaction, attention to environmental issues and political forces that are legal. Companies no longer oriented to consumers, but also should be oriented toward social responsibility. The concept of marketing and social responsibility of a company that goes with this tune called community marketing concept (Social marketing concept).

In order for the concept of marketing and social responsibility can work in harmony, management must strive to create a balance of long-term program to:
Satisfy consumer desires buyers
Satisfy wishes of the people who are affected by corporate activities
Achieve the purpose of obtaining profits.

Changes in circumstances that continuously occur in society has consequences for the concept of thinking change from time to time. The orientation of the company reflects the company adaptation to changing circumstances and conditions
Definition of Marketing According to Experts

As the stages of development of marketing concepts as follows: (Swastha, 1997; 17)
1. Production Concept
This concept suggests that customers will understand the products that are widely available and the price is cheap, then the management should concentrate on improving the efficiency of production and distribution.

2. Product Concept
This concept argues that consumers will love the quality products, appearance, best traits, then the organization must devote continuous effort in product improvement.

3. Concept Sales
This concept argues that consumers if left alone, it usually will not buy the products of the organization of the company, the company must conduct aggressive sales and promotional efforts intensively.

4. Marketing Concepts
The marketing concept holds that the key to achieving organizational goals consists of determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering products that satisfy more effectively and efficiently than competitors.

5. The concept of Social Marketing
This concept is adhered to the notion that the task of the company is to determine the needs, wants and interests of target markets and to give satisfaction in a more efficient and effective than competitors, so as to ensure or encourage well-being and community.

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